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Business health solutions for all sizes

No matter your company’s size or shape, we work to understand your needs and provide customized solutions.

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Extra help for small businesses

Use our online services to manage benefits, view reports, enroll employees, pay premiums and more.

Manage your health plans
Pay monthly premiums
Find a Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Health care reform and your business

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Small business health care reform

Health care reform affects businesses with fewer than 100 employees (or, in some states, fewer than 50). Find out what you need to consider.

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Larger business health care reform

Larger businesses have to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Read more about the requirements, and possible strategies.

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Health care exchanges

Health care exchanges are online marketplaces that give individuals and small businesses a new way to shop for health insurance.

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Improve satisfaction with a suite of options

Are you a two-person startup? A 30,000-employee enterprise? A public school system or a labor union? We have products and services to fit your population and priorities. Our offerings include:

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Herramientas de salud y bienestar

Cutting-edge tools - like iTriage®, Aetna SmartSourceSM and Aetna Mobile for AndroidTM and iPhone® - make it easier for members to take charge of their health.

Explore all health tools

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